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      uhd: handle b100 / e100 overflow behaviour · 8200e287
      Thomas Tsou authored
      B100 and E100 will react differently to overruns then the USRP2 or
      N2xx devices. To handle such an overrun, we need to expect a short
      packet with no error code followed by zero length packet with the
      appropriate error code set. On USRP2, the event is contained
      within a single packet.
      To handle, if a short packet contains no error code, pull another
      packet and check again for error code. If still no error code,
      print error on "short packet" and continue. If there is an error
      code, as expected, proceed normally and handle the error accord-
      Signed-off-by: default avatarThomas Tsou <ttsou@vt.edu>
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    • Thomas Tsou's avatar
      uhd: use preprocessor directives for UHD version control · 62e0b342
      Thomas Tsou authored
      UHD 003.004.000 is not an official release, though the
      API changes are getting a notable amount of use. Ifdef new
      interface changes for now and re-evaluate making 003.004.000
      a minimum requirement at a later time.
      This also allows use of the streamer interface in the main
      branch, which addresses various reports of UHD failing to
      send packets at start with the old, deprecated API.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarThomas Tsou <ttsou@vt.edu>
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      uhd: fix overflow initialization bug · c48f383d
      Thomas Tsou authored
      Commit cd274b3e (uhd: swap out the gnuradio based interface
      for uhd) removed the overflow count in favor of simply
      reporting boolean values. Without the count value in place,
      the overflow value was never reset.
      Reimplement the counter and allow NULL pointers as the
      overrun argument
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